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Rebuild your Credit after Foreclosure

Posted by turealtorflorida on February 19, 2017
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credit repairIf you’ve been through a >foreclosure or bankruptcy and tried to re-establish your credit, you know finance managers see you as an easy target. You live in the real world. You know that a recent foreclosure makes you a statistically bigger risk than someone with a spotless credit report. You accept that, you just don’t want to be financially ruined while you’re trying to get back on the right financial path. How can I find a good a reliable bad credit report repair service?

You’ve survived the disaster. You’ve hit rock bottom and are ready to get your financial life back on the right track. Save yourself time, frustration, and money by getting the help and knowledge you need to make a tough task a little easier. Can I Buy a House After My Foreclosure? The shortest, simplest answer to this question is: Yes. As you can imagine, this answer leaves a lot unsaid. There are several factors you will need to consider, because the true is; lenders will certainly consider these things.

The first issue is your credit score. As most people know, a foreclosure negatively affects your credit score. It’s important for you to know exactly where you stand in this area. Banks use your score not only to determine whether to make a loan to a person, but also to determine the rate and fees associated with that loan. Knowing where you stand going into the loan process allows you to avoid being taken advantage of.

The second factor to consider is whether you can pay for a home. If your foreclosure was caused by losing your job, a loan officer won’t even consider you for a new loan unless you have secured steady employment. Think of it this way – you ran into a financial problem that led to your foreclosure. Until that problem has been eliminated, any loan officer will assume making a loan to you for a new home would simply result in a repeat of the situation. You’re going to want to focus the loan officer’s attention on the things you have done and the changes you have made that show you are now able to pay for your home.

The last and most important factor is rebuilding your financial strength. Think of the situation leading to your foreclosure as an injury. The foreclosure was the treatment or result of that injury. Now that that part is behind you, you’ll need to rehab to build your strength. For most people, buying a house is the biggest challenge their ‘credit muscle’ will ever face. Just like a doctor wouldn’t allow a football player on the field the day after major knee surgery, no lender will let you take on the responsibility of a home loan immediately after a foreclosure.

Rehabbing after an injury is a process that requires knowledge and guidance. If you’re ready to start building your credit muscles you owe it to yourself to get that knowledge and guidance.

Now you can keep your entire family happy By Raising Your Credit Score. Improving your score should be an important responsibility because you will want to own a house someday and you need good credit in order to do so. Since the interest rates are low right now it is a good time to start repairing or improving your financial situation. The question might be where I can find a good credit report repair services. It is more beneficial to try to find a company that can repair and rebuild your credit at the same time.

In order to improve your credit rating you not only need to clean up old debt but you will also need to acquire new debt and show that you can pay on it. In order to do that you have to find someone that may issue you a line of credit or give you a loan. Make sure that when you do get your financial situation improved that you continue to make good on your debts. Pay them regularly and this will help to improve your credit. By keeping up with all of your debts you will be able to someday purchase a home. Then you must make sure that you continue to keep your credit good.

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